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Foot Care Products

Our range of products include podo i mat foot pressure mapping system, automatic blue foot scan, flowaid sequential contraction compression therapy and footwork pro pressure plate.
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Podo I Mat Foot Pressure Mapping System
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Podo I Mat Foot Pressure Mapping System

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Product Details:
Model Name/NumberPodo I Mat
OS TypeWindows XP
Hard Disk100 GB Space
Processor TypePentium IV or above
Processor Speed2 GHz or Higher
Memory (RAM)2 Gb or Higher
Product Description:
The PODO i MATTM system is the plantar pressure mapping technology. It provides information about the pressure distribution on foot and loading of the anatomical structures of the foot. The PODO i MATTM system produces high resolution image of the plantar pressure distribution with multi colours. System consist of Foot imprinter, Scanner, pressure mapping and Patient Report software Easy method to find pressure due to an excessive mechanical stress on the plantar area Multi-colour image output for easy interpretation with lesser time.

System Requirements:
  • PC with High Resolution Monitor
  • OS: Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10
  • CD (or) DVD drive
  • USB Port
  • Adobe Reader
  • MS Office 2007 or Higher
  • Inkjet printer (or) Colour laser printer
  • OS Type: Windows 7/8/10

  • Harris Mat
  • Harris Mat Paper
  • Ink Roller
  • Ink Pad- Violet
  • Epson V39 Colour Scanner
  • Kodys Foot Clinik Software CD
  • User Manual

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Automatic Blue Foot Scan
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Automatic Blue Foot Scan

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Product Details:
Calibration100% digital
Active Area400 x 400 mm
Sensor Size7.6 x 7.6 mm
Plate Thickness5 mm
Sensor TypeCapacitive
Pressure Range10kpa / 1200 Kpa
Total Size575 x 450 x 25 mm
Number Sensors2704 (Calibrated)
Product Description:
FootWork displays accurate plantar pressure data for clinical examination from both static and dynamic capture. It is lightweight and easy to use and with fast data processing and excellent graphics. Accurate interpretation of the foots behaviour is simple as centre and the point of maximum pressure is tracked (concurrently) and displayed throughout plantar contact.

  • Auto recognition left and right foot
  • Centre of pressure line (COP)
  • Maximum value tracking
  • Force/Pressure v Time Curve
  • Customisable Client Database
  • Detailed reports with email options
  • Optional Video (Webcam)
  • Active Area
  • USB Connection

  • USB Interface Cable
  • Software CD

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Flowaid Sequential Contraction Compression Therapy
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Flowaid Sequential Contraction Compression Therapy

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Product Details:
Model Name/NumberFlowaid FA100
Treating Time2 hours per limb per day
Country of OriginMade in India
Packaging TypeBox
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) 
  • Chronic Venous Insuffi ciency (CVI) 
  • Chronic Ulcers 
  • Lymphadema - Edema 
  • Peripheral Neuropathy 
  • DVT Prevention

Advantages of the FA100
Increase in Patient’s Quality of Life
Swelling and pain significantly reduced 

Patients Have Complete Mobility while Being Treated
You can continue with your normal daily schedule 

Easy to Use
Easy to apply and simple to operate 

Accelerated Wound Healing
Wound recurrence are prevented 

No External Pressure to the Leg
No pain or damage to sensitive skin 

FlowAid’s FA100 is a unique, hospital and home use device that treats all forms of circulatory disorders of the lower limbs and their associated complications.
  • The primary mechanism of the FA100 is to activate the calf muscle pump by compressing the deep veins of the lower leg through a number of electrically stimulated controlled contractions. These contractions, which run from distal to proximal along the leg, cause a peristaltic wave of contractions. This compresses the deep veins, which forces the emptying of the deep veins of the lower limb.
  • By causing an increase in venous outflow of the lower limb, the FA100 is extremely useful in the treatment of Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Lymphedema, and the complications of these diseases. Keeping a constant flow can also prevent any DVT from occurring.
  • Secondarily, by increasing the venous outfl ow through the activation of the calf muscle pump, an increase of “Arterial Infl ow” will be created* which replenishes the limb with freshly oxygenated blood. This helps treat Arterial Insuffi ciencies, Chronic Wounds and the complications that may be associated with these conditions.
  • By hyperperfusion the limb with freshly oxygenated blood, the FA100 has been extremely helpful in treating Micro ischemic Neuropathy. 
  • Patients feel a lighter, healthier leg after use, and signs and symptoms of these diseases begin to resolve.
  • When compared to other compression devices, the FA100 is superior. It is easy to use, exerts no external pressure, creates greater patient compliance and therefore better results. Patients have complete mobility without any interference in their daily activities while using the FA100.

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Footwork Pro Pressure Plate
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Footwork Pro Pressure Plate

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Product Details:
Weight4Kg Hysteresis < 3%
Active Area490 x 490 mm
Sensor Size7.6 x 7.6 mm
Calibration100% Digital
Plate Thickness4 mm
Sensor TypeCapacitor
Pressure Range10Kpa / 1200Kpa
Total Size645 x 520 x 25 mm
AccuracyApprox 5%
Temperature-10 + 45 Degree C
Coating MaterialPolycarbonate
ConnectivityUSB 2
Footwork Pro Pressure Plate is a plantar pressure measurement device which records all the relevant information needed to analyse the foot’s behaviour. It is uniquely able to capture a multitude of pressure samples (from either direction) before displaying the average.

Straightforward yet accurate interpretation of the foot’s function canbe gleaned through high quality graphics. These include highlightingthe centre of pressure (Gait Line) and maximum pressure throughoutplantar contact, a phasic element and an in-depth study area helps youto drill into the foot’s behaviour.

Compared to its competitor’s FootWork Pro represents outstanding value, and with it use of superior capacitive sensors you can be sure its accuracy and reliability is of the highest quality.

  • Pressure
  • Function
  • Symmetry
  • Timing
  • Balance
  • Orthotics
  • Footwear

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